Umami Barcelona

Umami Barcelona

Who are we?

In Umami Barcelona we felt that it was the time to bring the world of wine and gastronomy widely available to the general public, both professionals and amateurs, locals and tourists. We call this enogastronomic creativity, with a flavor of our restless souls.

We knew that the very basics of our project had to be the ability to discover and understand what this fascinating world can provide. This is why we created a suite of customized services, using our core values of excellence, uniqueness, respect for the environment and the development of the local economy.

Our focus is to help our customers to discover “the other” enogastronomic Barcelona, through various activities such as tastings, workshops, enotourism visits and events.

Umami Barcelona is not just any company, it is a philosophy and a fresh way to understand the sector.


Victoria Ibáñez Victoria Ibáñez

Founder, CEO & Sommelier

Daniel Gómez Daniel Gómez

Producer Manager

Sandra Benzal Sandra Benzal

Sommelier & Wine Tourism

Mauri Rafa Mauri Rafa

Wine & Food Local Guide

Pau López Pau López

Founder & Sommelier

Professionals Network

Ricardo Herrera Ricardo Herrera


Dani García Dani García

Sommelier & Botanist

Rubèn Parera Rubèn Parera

Agricultural Engineer and Winemaker

Carles Figueras Carles Figueras

Agricultural Engineer and Winemaker

Óscar Soneira Óscar Soneira


Daniel Hernández Daniel Hernández


Roger Ortuño Roger Ortuño

Ambassador of Japanese Food & Sake Sommelier

Privat Events Privat Events

Experiences and gastronomy Professionals

Fran Ortiz Fran Ortiz


Marta Peribáñez Marta Peribáñez

Art Therapist

Daniel Pascual Daniel Pascual


Enric Lluch Enric Lluch

Sign Language Interpreter

yök Casa + Cultura yök Casa + Cultura

Eco-friendly place

Natalia Shcherba Natalia Shcherba


Manel Serrano Manel Serrano


Demos Bertran Demos Bertran

Sommelier & Communication Manager

Päivi Linna Päivi Linna

Raw Food Chef & Chinese Medicine Therapist

Marina Ràfols Marina Ràfols

Artist & compositor

Carmen Cánovas Carmen Cánovas


Fabrizio Martinengo  Fabrizio Martinengo 

Sommelier & Architect


Yök casa+cultura
Finca Parera
Can Ràfols dels Caus
Casal dels Infants
Natàlia Sanahuges
Vinyes de l'Albà