Umami Barcelona

Umami Barcelona

Who are we?

In Umami Barcelona we felt that it was the time to bring the world of wine and gastronomy widely available to the general public, both professionals and amateurs, locals and tourists. We call this enogastronomic creativity, with a flavor of our restless souls.

We knew that the very basics of our project had to be the ability to discover and understand what this fascinating world can provide. This is why we created a suite of customized services, using our core values of excellence, uniqueness, respect for the environment and the development of the local economy.

Our focus is to help our customers to discover “the other” enogastronomic Barcelona, through various activities such as tastings, workshops, enotourism visits and events.

Umami Barcelona is not just any company, it is a philosophy and a fresh way to understand the sector.


Umami savory taste, is one of the five basic tastes. It originates from Japanese words Umai(delicious) + Mi (taste) and it can be translated as "pleasant savory taste".

We call ourselves Umami Barcelona, ‌‌because our aim is to surprise you and to be able to enhance, promote and integrate all the possibilities that the world of gastronomy and wine are able to offer you.

In Umami Barcelona you can find a team of sommeliers / gourmets, experts in the world of advertising, communication and organization of enogastronomic events.

We prefer not to define ourselves simply as industry professionals; instead many of us come from family ran restaurants and grew up in the middle of food and drink services. We are passionate lovers of all the work done in the vineyards and always thrill to discover the story behind a wine bottle. We all speak the same language when it comes to the art of wine and gastronomy.

Our team has extensive experience and knowledge in the Enogastronomic sector, for that reason we have a space “by and for professionals”. Our place allows to create synergies between projects and professionals of our sector, who want to work together in a collaborative way and to create a positive social impact as well as new business opportunities.

We are firmly committed to our cultural identity and values, originated from our enogastronomicheritage and tradition. We are engaged with the sustainability of the environment, partnerships with local producers and consumption of local products. Some of our initiatives also involve products from other territories, in order to offer exciting food and wine pairings through cultural fusion.

We define ourselves as tireless devourers of Barcelona,‌its streets, squares, bars, restaurants and shops. You will find us in the Gràcia District, a vibrant and diverse enclave of our city. A veritable blessing for the bohemian enclave of Catalonian urban life, remaining its peculiar character, thanks to its people and a vibrant lifestyle.

Umami Barcelona is a space for enogastronomic creations with a vision over all the possibilities that this sector can offer. We do not conceive ideas and projects as simple tasks to do; we go much further, looking forward to create new experiences and sensations in every event we organize. Umami team is creative, bold, curios, daring. We are people who want to keep learning every day, we love what we do and want to share it with you.


Pau Lˇpez Pau Lˇpez

Founder & Sommelier


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