Umami Barcelona

Umami Barcelona

Marina Ràfols

Marina Ràfols

Artist & compositor

Music, like wine or cooking, it depends on each one preference on tastes. It has flavors, bodies, textures, nuances. It reaches us by the senses and can penetrate to our heart.

The music that makes Marina is generally quiet and sweet, and occasionally, psychedelic and acidic. We could say that her musical recipe is built and flavored with the following ingredients:

- A guitar substrate as the basis of the singing voice, where you can perceive odors that oscillate between popular music, choral, classic rock & roll and some droplets of groovie-pop.

- A thick layer of sung poetry, going through authors like V.A. Estellés, Pere Quart, Joan Raspall or his own father.

- An inevitable dose of original culture (from her Penedès region origins) with its transversal elements, such a tribute to viniculture or veneration to the work of the field, all combined, macerated and passed through the turmix with the accumulation of more than ten years of urban life in the city of Barcelona.

- All this well peppered by the people with whom he has crossed over her life, friends and musicians of different types who have welded her style and have opened new horizons in her future.

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