Umami Barcelona

Umami Barcelona

Singular Wineries

Wine Tourism allows you to know a country through its wines and they reflect the territory and the landscape where they come from.

We go far beyond the act of tasting wines. We want you to know the land and the winemakers, the gastronomy, the customs and the traditions of the wine area that we visit, making routes with different activities: workshops, tastings and visits to vineyards and wineries.

We make tailored routes that may last from one to three days and there is the possibility of staying in an oenological establishment.

The experience of tasting wines in the same place where they are made will allow you to understand how the terroir, the climate, the landscape and people are reflected within each bottle.

A trip to the heart of our wines!


Armand Paintings
Casal dels Infants
Finca Parera
La botiga gurmet
Maria Rigol Ordi