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Winery Escape Tours
Umami Barcelona
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Winery Escape Tours

Winery Escape Tours

We want you to live the vineyard in live, that's why we offer activities in the wineries that may last several days, where you can participate in the harvest, collect the grapes and press it, learn to prune the vines, taste freshly pressed must or sleep under the stars.

Wine tours from two to three days to different wineries where their way of understanding the world of wine is likely the same we defend, so we can share a unique day with nature, winegrowing and winemaking.

In the wineries you can get acquainted with the secrets of the vineyard and the art of winemaking, as you calmly walk through the vineyards. Private and family owned wineries and vineyards, located in the heart of nature.

You will also have the opportunity to stay in some establishments, like country houses lodges or hotels located in the wineries, where you will have the possibility to participate in tastings or gastronomic pairings where wine is the main protagonist.

Contact us if you want to enjoy this adventure, we organize a wide variety of wine tourism activities, and also tailor-made tours for you and yours that will offer an unforgettable experience.

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