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Gastronomic Fair of the Porrons d'Abrera!

· Where? Abrera
· When? From 28 to September 30,,2018

The Friday 28, Saturday 29 and Sunday 30 of September, since the City council of Abrera will realise an initiative to recover the memory of the Porrons than, to means of the 20th century, attracted to characters how Fleming, Errol Flynn, Mohammed V, Peret, Antonio Molina or Joan Manuel Serrat… do not lose you the And Fair Gastronòmica of the Porrons of Abrera! 

With this event will recover the tradition of the Porró in our municipality and the spirit of the restaurants of Abrera, with his gastronomia based in products of vicinity. Some traditions that were born when Abrera was one poblet agricultural that, in no time, grew to become our municipality as it is in the actuality.

Offer with the Porró of Abrera, a history with identityDoes some decades, our village was known by the porrons: the hostals of the ancient National-II, to his step for the Explode, offered free wine to the traveller that could and wanted to raise with an only hand some porrons of big weight.
All began when in Joanet Juhera, to finals of the 19th century, founded a restaurant with a porró giant to the entry: who achieved to raise it, drank scratch. It had so much of success that another taverneta of the street, It Is necessary Ginesta, copied it and goes plantificar the two porrons.  Juhera Went up his bet and put three porrons. And The Three Porrons is the restaurant that did  famous.

To the years 50 of the past century, another family of the neighbourhood, them Simó (of It Is necessary Conradet) opened The Four Porrons. The activity of the three tavernes did famous this stretch of it N-II, that many used to visit Montserrat. To the 1970, built  a variant of the main road (at present To-2), that freed Explode it of the traffic of vehicles, but also did to change the traditional business of the hostals on foot of road. With all, these restaurants remained active until gone in the 21st century.
Fair abrerenca
The mayor, Jesus Naharro, highlights that since the City council have prepared, together with the citizenship, "a fair abrerenca of traditional brink and gastronòmic with the aim to recover the period of splendour of the neighbourhood of the Explode with the restaurants the Three Porrons and Four Porrons and the agricultural tradition of Abrera when Abrera had a more main paper to the life quotidiana of the people, as well as creating a new space of meeting for gaudir in family how is the Park of Can Morral".

"We invite you to enjoy this first edition of the Fair Gastronòmica of the Porrons of Abrera, where will find activities for all the family, exhibitions, recreations gastronòmiques of the menus of that period to the restaurants of reference, samples of the agricultural activity of before and of now and the emblematic contest of the lifting of the porró. We want to show our gratitude to the entities that have collaborated , as well as also him aportació citizen of graphic material and/or oral", has signalled the mayor. 

Porrons... And much more!
The Friday 28 of September, to the street Explode, will recover the contest to raise it porró, that will put on trial to the participants: they will try to recover them gestes of the ancient concursants of it N-II. Also we will be able to see an exhibition of ancient photographies that bring to our days the spirit of the street Explode and the neighbours and neighbouring that formed  part. And besides, we will be able to enjoy a small sample of the dishes that cooked  to the historical hostals, a taste that vill be liven up with musician and activities of popular culture.

And the weekend, Saturday 29 and Sunday 30 of September, the Park of Can Morral will be the centre of the Fair, with gastronomics spaces where will offer  the dishes which proposed them hostals and tavernes of our village. The park also will receive different activities like workshops of cooking, childish activities and musical performances and of popular culture, to do of the Fair Gastronòmica of the Porrons of Abrera a space of meeting of the neighbours of the city, of the Low Llobregat and Barcelona

Friday 28 to the street of the Explode, of the 18 h and 23 h
19 h. Inauguration of the Fair with Jesus Naharro (Mayor d´Abrera), Joaquima Bou (Cook of the 3 porrons and Godmother of the Fair Gastronòmica of the Porrons of Abrera) and Josep Sucarrats (Director of the magazine Cooks and Godfather of the Fair Gastronòmica of the Porrons of Abrera)

Taste of some of the dishes that cooked  to the Three Porrons, wine to porró, service of bar, musician,... And surprises!
20 h. Contest to drink with PorróWill be able to raise the ancient Porró of the street of the Explode?
Saturday 29 to the Park of Can Morral, of the 12 h to the 23 h

13 h. Sergi Shine dj & Julio Paredes percussion18 h. Workshop of cooking with it xef abrerenc Eric Díaz. Young cook of the Year 201819 h. Workshop of cooking of it xef abrerenca Itxaso Elosegui of the restaurant Picoroco of Madrid20 h. Dj's Andreu Presas and Pep Duran22 h, Gang of Devils of Abrera Bram of Fire
Sunday 30 to the Park of Can Morral, of the 12 h to the 17 h

11.30 h. Workshop of childish cooking with Aina Martín12.15 h. Workshop of cooking of it xef abrerenca Itxaso Elosegui of the restaurant Picoroco of Madrid. Meeting of bloggers of the magazine Cooks12.30 h. Geganters Of Abrera and tractorada13.15 h. Concert of Los Shupitos (Rumba Catalan)14.30 h. Tropikal Rockers Dj's
Operation of the fair gastronòmica
The stars of the gastronomic offer will be the dishes of the Catalan traditional cooking that were protagonists of the tables of the restaurants of the street of the Explode.
1 dish of traditional cooking or postre: 5 €you Can choose between the offer of:
• 8 dishes of traditional cooking
• 2 dessert

Porró amb vi d'Abrera

• 1 porró petit 5 euros (3 euros returnables)

• 1 porró gran 8 euros (5 euros returnables)

Source:  Ajuntament d'Abrera


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