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Brandy Festival Prat de Comte

· Where? Prat de Comte, Terra Alta
· When? From 12 to October 13,,2018

During the days of the "Festival of brandy," the whole village opens its doors to welcome stills and different samples of organizations, cooperatives and cellars of Terra Alta. The pratdecomtins invite visitors to enter their houses which function as original exhibition stands.

The liquor should be taken in moderation and always accompanied by a sweet typical of our lands as flirty brandy, the Rodotà and caps, while making a chocolate or a good cut coke are very fast good choices. 

About three or four days before the party, many village women and a man close to the old wood oven to prepare more than six thousand pieces of candy that will be offered to anyone who wants to try them. Its traditional handcrafted makes them much success with the public and demand grows year after year. A varied little box of pasta is a good gift, during the days of the festival you can buy them in the old oven.

In the information center you can buy small glass for tasting. With small glass you will be given a ticket to participate in sweepstakes and indicative plan for visiting all the houses open to the public.Along the route of the Fair, our teachers Aiguardenters give you a taste spirits of everyone to the various entrances of the town. 

You will also find the "borage" that make women Women's Association. 

sample typical products from Terres de l'Ebre, selling typical pastries baked wood, crafts, music, culture, tradition and much more.

Source: Fiesta del Aguardiente de Prat de Comte

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