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Umami Barcelona

18è Tast de Blancs (White Wine Tasting Session)

· Where? Castell de Falset. Sala Absis Falset
· When? May 4,,2018
· Hour? 19:00h

More than 40 wineries will be present on Friday, 4 May (7 pm, Apse of Falset Castle) to present their white wines at the 18th White Wine Tasting Session, organized by the Aguiló Vinateria and Vins i Olis del Priorat enotecas. The White Wine Tasting Session is one of the most anticipated events of the Falset Wine Fair and, to a certain extent it is the starting point for a long weekend of wine tasting. Most of the participating wineries are from DOQ Priorat and DO Montsant, although guest wineries also participate, and a tasting session is set up with numerous white wines from all over the world.

The evening, at which it is the producers and wines that steal the limelight, will be accompanied by an oyster, ham and cheese tasting session, all while enjoying live music.

The White Wine Tasting Session is one of the Fair’s most consolidated events, parallel to the growing presence of white wines in the region’s two designations of origin (DO Montsant and DOQ Priorat), traditionally considered as being the land of the region’s so-called “black” wines. Even though the “black” are by far and away the majority, more and more wineries in the two DOs are making white wines, many of which have also been highly acclaimed by the critics.

Apart from the consolidation of the event and of the region’s white wines, another of the outstanding points of the White Wine Tasting session is that it has become an ideal space for local winemakers to present new vintages and creations, wines that arouse the interest of many experts who have blocked the dates in their calendars.

Source: Fira del Vi de Falset

· Price: 25€ (anticipada) - 30€ (taquilla)

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